Smart Public Transport

Grab your TechBites of the future of smart public transport! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies, cities and research teams. Event is organized by Tampere University.

Who’s it for?

Companies and organizations who would like to build smarter public transport with sustainable solutions, smoother services and better customer experience.

How does it all happen?

Thank you all for participating!

Keynote speakers

Markku Turunen

Professor of Interactive Technology, Tampere University

Markku Turunen heads the Pervasive Interaction Research Group (PRIG) at Tampere University. The group works with various interaction techniques and technologies to create novel human-technology interaction solutions for different real-world uses. The group works with different organizations, including various industrial and technology companies, and different kinds of user groups from professionals in varying fields to users with special needs. He also leads the international Sustainable Digital Life (SDL) M.Sc. programme and is a founding member of the Tampere Accessibility Unit (TACCU).


Steve O'Hern

Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Sustainable Transport, Tampere University

Steve O’Hern works at the Transport Research Centre VERNE within the Faculty of Built Environment of Tampere University. His research aims to provide access to safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transport systems for all. His areas of interest include sustainable modes of transportation, road safety, connected and autonomous vehicles, infrastructure design, road user behaviour, simulation, big data and network modelling.

Ali Huttunen

Head of Rolling Stock, Tampere Tramway Ltd

Ali Huttunen heads the Rolling Stock team at Tampere Tramway Ltd with the aim to get created the fastest, most comfortable, safe, most reliable and easy to access tramway system for the citizens of Tampere and its visitors. Tampere Urban Rail Mobility Services (TURMS) is a tool for the City of Tampere as a Mobility 2.0 forerunner in developing the next generation tram transportation concepts and supporting the competitiveness of individual companies in developing intelligent products and services in the international transport solution markets.




TechBites pitch: The safety of automated vehicles
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Roni Utriainen, Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Public transport and transport equity
University Instructor Hanne Tiikkaja, Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Smart traffic hub - Riku Viri
Doctoral Researcher Riku Viri, Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: User experience for automated vehicles
Doctoral Student, Regional Director (Sitowise) Petri Launonen

TechBites pitch: Augmented digital presence and accessibility in public transportation
Doctoral Researcher Tero Avellan, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Ethics and privacy risks of smart public transport
Doctoral Researcher Bruna De Castro e Silva, Faculty of Management and Business | Administrative Studies, Tampere University