Grab your TechBites and explore possibilities of stretchable, flexible and wearable electronics - elastronics! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies and research teams. Event is organised by Tampere University.

Who’s it for?

Private businesses and decision makers.

What to expect?

It's all about hard science spiced up with a bit of entertainment. Read more.

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Keynote speakers

Dr. Juha Virtanen

Principal Engineer, Wearable Sensors, GE Healthcare

Dr Juha Virtanen is Principal Engineer in GE Healthcare with extensive experience from startups to large corporations. His main focus at the moment is on wearable patient monitoring sensors.

Professor Matti Mäntysalo

Electronics and Communications Engineering, Tampere University

Professor Mäntysalo focuses on printed electronics technologies and its applications for example in healthcare and smart environments. He develops stretchable, ultra-thin, and conformable electronics. Read more about his research project Elastronics in Finnish/inEnglish.

Professor Donald Lupo

Electronics and Communications Engineering, Tampere University

Professor Lupo and his group develop energy autonomous sensors and printable sensor circuitry. They use novel materials and thin film devices based on non-toxic materials and low cost processes like printing. The group aims to enable the digitalization of our everyday world in a economically and environmentally sustainable way. 

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