5G and beyond

Grab your TechBites of possibilities of 5G technology and even beyond 5G! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies and research teams. Event is organised by Tampere University of Technology.

Who’s it for?

Private businesses and decision makers.

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Keynote videos

Jukka Lempiäinen

Professor / Electronics and Communications Engineering

Professor Lempiäinen targets to find new revolutionary solutions and applications for mobile communications technology fields. He also initiates national discussion and demand to have emergency mobile network in commercial fequencies for all inhabitants in Finland.

Jukka Talvitie

University Lecturer, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Jukka Talvitie pursues novel approaches to utilize 5G and beyond communications signals for a wide variety of industrial verticals, especially focusing on localization and environment awareness. Besides academic contribution, he has several years of experience from various research and development projects in communications industry.

Matti Keskinen

Nokia internal consultant, Nokia Oyj

Matti Keskinen manages R&D and Business related consultant items in Nokia Networks. He has held various positions within Nokia since 1982 and is world class recognized expert turning different solutions to successful business.