Sähkö kriisissä - Electricity in Crisis

Euroopan sähköjärjestelmää on epävakauttanut alhaisempi maakaasun tarjonta, säähän sidotut uusiutuvan energian tuotantomuodot ja sähkön kysynnän kasvu taloustilanteen elpyessä. Samanaikainen teollisuuden, liikenteen sekä rakennuksien sähköistyminen on johtanut sähkön kriisiytymiseen. Nyt vaaditaan kollektiivisia toimia niin tutkimukselta, teollisuudelta kuin liike-elämältä. Tule keskustelemaan niistä Tampereen yliopiston Climate Neutral Energy Systems and Society -tutkimusalustan (CNESS) tutkijoiden sekä muiden energia-alan asiantuntijoiden kanssa. Tapahtuma on tarkoitettu ensisijaisesti yksityisille yrityksille ja organisaatioille, jotka etsivät yhteistyötä akateemisten tutkimusryhmien kanssa energiatutkimuksen alalla.

Electrification of the industry, transport and buildings • Lower natural gas supply volumes • Weather-dependent power production from renewables • Rising demand driven by economic rebound...

Several factors distress the European power system. Electricity is in crisis. Collective actions from research, industry and business are crucial in finding sustainable solutions. Join us for discussions and build cooperation with key researchers from Tampere University's Climate Neutral Energy Systems and Society (CNESS) research platform and other energy experts! The event is primarily for private businesses and organizations who seek cooperation with academic research teams in the field of energy research.


Pami Aalto

Tampereen yliopisto

Pami is Jean Monnet Professor in international relations and main PI of the university’s Research platform on Climate Neutral Energy Systems and Society CNESS. He works at the interface of European integration, international relations and political economy, specialising on energy policy issues. His main interest is in interdisciplinary work on energy transitions and energy issues in general, as well as international environmental governance, where alongside scholarly work he also seeks to engage with the business, public administration and NGOs.

Keynote speech: Security dimensions of the electricity crisis: who is responsible for what?

Yksikön päällikkö Jyrki Uusitalo

M.Sc. Manager, System Operations Development, Fingrid Oyj

Jyrki has a  wide experience of transmission system operators business. Recently he has been focusing on power system balancing issues and ensuring optimal and cost-efficient procurement  and  use of reserves. He has been participating in several Nordic and European transmission system operators steering bodies.

Keynote speech: Winter Electricity Adequacy Outlook

Liiketoiminnan kehitysjohtaja Mikko Kettunen

Chief Business Development Officer, Lempäälän lämpö

Mikko is leading the business development by finding a sustainable and new ways to produce energy by the means of feasibility and efficiency. Demand response, ancillary markets, sector integration, machine learning and optimising are the part of diverse energy production and consumption system. He has experience in energy communities and microgrids where energy is produced and consumed locally and supporting energy networks with excess energy.

Keynote speech: Self-Sufficient, Resilient and Independent Microgrids – Case LEMENE


Smart Public Transport

Grab your TechBites of the future of smart public transport! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies, cities and research teams. Event is organized by Tampere University.

Who’s it for?

Companies and organizations who would like to build smarter public transport with sustainable solutions, smoother services and better customer experience.

How does it all happen?

Thank you all for participating!

Keynote speakers

Markku Turunen

Professor of Interactive Technology, Tampere University

Markku Turunen heads the Pervasive Interaction Research Group (PRIG) at Tampere University. The group works with various interaction techniques and technologies to create novel human-technology interaction solutions for different real-world uses. The group works with different organizations, including various industrial and technology companies, and different kinds of user groups from professionals in varying fields to users with special needs. He also leads the international Sustainable Digital Life (SDL) M.Sc. programme and is a founding member of the Tampere Accessibility Unit (TACCU).


Steve O'Hern

Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Sustainable Transport, Tampere University

Steve O’Hern works at the Transport Research Centre VERNE within the Faculty of Built Environment of Tampere University. His research aims to provide access to safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transport systems for all. His areas of interest include sustainable modes of transportation, road safety, connected and autonomous vehicles, infrastructure design, road user behaviour, simulation, big data and network modelling.

Ali Huttunen

Head of Rolling Stock, Tampere Tramway Ltd

Ali Huttunen heads the Rolling Stock team at Tampere Tramway Ltd with the aim to get created the fastest, most comfortable, safe, most reliable and easy to access tramway system for the citizens of Tampere and its visitors. Tampere Urban Rail Mobility Services (TURMS) is a tool for the City of Tampere as a Mobility 2.0 forerunner in developing the next generation tram transportation concepts and supporting the competitiveness of individual companies in developing intelligent products and services in the international transport solution markets.




TechBites pitch: The safety of automated vehicles
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Roni Utriainen, Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Public transport and transport equity
University Instructor Hanne Tiikkaja, Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Smart traffic hub - Riku Viri
Doctoral Researcher Riku Viri, Faculty of Built Environment | Civil Engineering, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: User experience for automated vehicles
Doctoral Student, Regional Director (Sitowise) Petri Launonen

TechBites pitch: Augmented digital presence and accessibility in public transportation
Doctoral Researcher Tero Avellan, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Ethics and privacy risks of smart public transport
Doctoral Researcher Bruna De Castro e Silva, Faculty of Management and Business | Administrative Studies, Tampere University


See you at TechBites

TechBites is all about networking, meeting new and old collaborators, discovering expertise and new insights. Our next event takes place at the autumn 2022.

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Digital humanity

Grab your TechBites and explore the future technology and it's applications! Find out how digitalization shapes our future and humanity, and what kind of business opportunities it might raise along. Is gamification a solution for big global challenges and how it could be done? Event is organised by Tampere University.

Who's it for?

Private businesses and decision makers who would like to benefit of digitalization and gamification. Or just to know more.

How does it all happen?

Registration will be opened later. Stay tuned!

Keynote speakers

Karoliina Korppoo

Founder, CEO & Creative Director, 10th Muse

Karoliina Korppoo is an alumnus of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Her best-known game design position has been working as the design lead for Cities: Skylines. She is a passionate games developer, game researcher and entrepreneur interested especially in end-users: what they want, what they expect and what they feel when using a product. Karoliina delivered a TED Talk at the main TED Conference (2017).

Daniel Fernandez Galeote

PhD candidate, Tampere University

Daniel Fernandez Galeote explores how games can engage audiences with climate change. Connecting citizens to the climate crisis is essential in order to advance towards a more sustainable civilization. The engaging possibilities offered by modern games of all kinds and their massive popularity, especially among the young, make them a decisive medium for involving people’s minds, hearts and hands in this endeavor. His research is conducted within the Gamification Group, in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences.

Dr. Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk

PhD in Interaction Design, Tampere University

Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk is a PhD in Interaction Design with an industrial product background. He focuses on creating novel interactive environments for gaming purposes. He currently manages the GArMEnt project funded by Business Finland, exploring the integration of wearables into mainstream gaming. He is also a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship Grant Holder with WEARTUAL project which focuses on creating design knowledge for extended reality wearables. In his keynote he discusses how to design wearables for fostering playfulness. And more, how designing for playfulness can present new opportunities for the wearables field and augmenting human abilities.


Dark side of technology

Grab your TechBites and beware of the future technology and its applications! Or do you have to be alarmed and worried after all? Join discussions and build contacts with key people from companies, organizations and research teams. Event is organised by Tampere University.

Who’s it for?

Private businesses, organizations and decision makers. Anyone who develops and uses new technology and wonders, whether it is a threat or possibility for business, society and mankind.

How does it all happen?

Register online by 28 October 2019.

Keynote speakers

Mikko Räkköläinen

PhD Candidate, Tampere University

Mikko Räkköläinen is a PhD candidate in International politics in the Faculty of Management and Business. In his dissertation he explores the ways in which the increasing presence of private military companies and other commercial service providers is impacting the execution of foreign and security policy in conflict areas. His research interests also include the organizational behavior in security organizations, the changing nature of warfare, and the impact of emergent technologies on military and societal security.

Jaana Parviainen

Senior Research Fellow, Tampere University

Dr. Jaana Parviainen is a philosopher and a senior research fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her philosophical expertise covers the ethics of technology, social epistemology and the philosophy of the body. She has conducted and led several interdisciplinary research projects. Her on-going research project NEGATE is concerned with how the spread of influential misinformation and manufactured ignorance places pressure on the work of experts in various sectors.

Juha Nurmi

Dark Web Scientist Cyber Intelligence House

Juha Nurmi is the founder and project leader of the Ahmia search engine project. He is the CEO of data mining and security company Dignify, a security researcher, and has been involved in numerous projects funded by both the commercial and government spheres. Juha is also a noted lecturer and public speaker. Juha’s work on Ahmia has been in part sponsored by the Google Summer of Code.

Grab your favourite pitches from Pitch and Catch session of TechBites: Dark side of Technology. On stage:

1. Thomas Olsson, Associate Professor
New Social Research: What If AI Decided on Your Professional Social Network?

2. Antti Perttula, Principal Lecturer, Systems Engineering
Eye from the sky: drones and urban security

3. Henri Pirkkalainen, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
Beaten by technostress

4. Jenni Hokka, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Data as a human right


Digital twin - älyä suunnitteluun

Tekoäly ja koneoppimiseen perustuva parametrinen suunnittelu on kuuma juttu teollisuudessa ja rakennusalalla. Suunnittelutyökalut, kuten XR, SXR, Digital Twin, AI ja ML tuovat uusia mahdollisuuksia koneiden, tuotannon ja rakennetun ympäristön elinkaaren hallintaan. Näissä on nähtävissä isoja mahdollisuuksia suunnittelun tuottavuuden kasvattamiseen. TechBites-tapahtumassa tapaat aihepiirin keskeisiä asiantuntijoita yliopistosta ja elinkeinoelämästä. Tervetuloa verkostoitumaan ja nauttimaan tekniikan parhaita paloja!


Tapahtuma on suunnattu teollisuuden ja rakennusalan suunnittelun uusimmista menetelmistä ja työkaluista kiinnostuneille sekä näiden työkalujen kehittäjille.

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Keynote videos

Asko Rouvinen

Senior Technical Advisor, Mevea Oy




Osku Torro

Väitöskirjatutkija, Tampereen yliopisto




Professorit Kari T. Koskinen ja Asko Ellman

Tampereen yliopisto






Grab your TechBites and explore possibilities of stretchable, flexible and wearable electronics - elastronics! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies and research teams. Event is organised by Tampere University.

Who’s it for?

Private businesses and decision makers.

What to expect?

It's all about hard science spiced up with a bit of entertainment. Read more.

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Keynote speakers

Dr. Juha Virtanen

Principal Engineer, Wearable Sensors, GE Healthcare

Dr Juha Virtanen is Principal Engineer in GE Healthcare with extensive experience from startups to large corporations. His main focus at the moment is on wearable patient monitoring sensors.

Professor Matti Mäntysalo

Electronics and Communications Engineering, Tampere University

Professor Mäntysalo focuses on printed electronics technologies and its applications for example in healthcare and smart environments. He develops stretchable, ultra-thin, and conformable electronics. Read more about his research project Elastronics in Finnish/inEnglish.

Professor Donald Lupo

Electronics and Communications Engineering, Tampere University

Professor Lupo and his group develop energy autonomous sensors and printable sensor circuitry. They use novel materials and thin film devices based on non-toxic materials and low cost processes like printing. The group aims to enable the digitalization of our everyday world in a economically and environmentally sustainable way. 

Ask a question from Donald Lupo


5G and beyond

Grab your TechBites of possibilities of 5G technology and even beyond 5G! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies and research teams. Event is organised by Tampere University of Technology.

Who’s it for?

Private businesses and decision makers.

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Keynote videos

Jukka Lempiäinen

Professor / Electronics and Communications Engineering

Professor Lempiäinen targets to find new revolutionary solutions and applications for mobile communications technology fields. He also initiates national discussion and demand to have emergency mobile network in commercial fequencies for all inhabitants in Finland.

Jukka Talvitie

University Lecturer, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Jukka Talvitie pursues novel approaches to utilize 5G and beyond communications signals for a wide variety of industrial verticals, especially focusing on localization and environment awareness. Besides academic contribution, he has several years of experience from various research and development projects in communications industry.

Matti Keskinen

Nokia internal consultant, Nokia Oyj

Matti Keskinen manages R&D and Business related consultant items in Nokia Networks. He has held various positions within Nokia since 1982 and is world class recognized expert turning different solutions to successful business.


Robotics and AI for Industry

Grab your TechBites of the future of robotics and AI technology and its applications! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies and research teams. Event is organised by Tampere University of Technology.

Who’s it for?

Private businesses and decision makers who would like to benefit of the ongoing digitalization for industry and society.

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Keynote videos

Reza Ghabcheloo

Associate Professor, TUT

Solves challenging robotics problems, builds autonomous robots to work for human and with human, and trains future robotics engineers to be able to do so.

Jose Luis Martinez Lastra

Professor, TUT

Leads FAST-lab which promotes the seamless knowledge integration of humans and machines.

Jussi Poikonen

AI Development Lead, Remote & Autonomous Operations, Rolls-Royce Marine

Focuses on machine learning models for situational awareness and navigation systems. Works as an AI development lead for remote and autonomous operations at Rolls-Royce Marine

Kuvaaja Sami Reivinen / Tampereen yliopiston kuvapankki.

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Future Imaging

Grab your TechBites of the future of imaging technology and its applications! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from Tampere-based imaging companies and some international visitors. Tampere University of Technology organizes the event in collaboration with Tampere Imaging Ecosystem.

Who’s it for? The event is intended for all those who apply imaging technologies to products or services, including computer/machine vision, optics, camera design, intelligent automation, automotive applications and so on.

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Keynote videos

Juha Alakarhu

Vice President, Imaging, Axon

Developer of Nokia’s 41 Megapixel Monster Camera and VR Camera Ozon is now in charge of the Imaging team at Axon’s newly established Tampere unit. The team develops wearable cameras for police as well as cameras for police cars.

Joni Kämäräinen

Associate professor, Signal Processing, TUT

Leads a team of nine researchers who develop computer vision, pattern recognition and Image Google. “Our major goal is to do everything with a camera that people can do with their eyes.”

Atanas Gotchev

Professor, Signal Processing, TUT

“The ultimate aim of modern visual technologies is to convincingly reproduce reality and to relay information in a natural way.”